Today was a bit boring so I decided to watch some DIY videos on youtubu. I was interested in makeup so I typed: how to make lipstick! For a long time I didn’t buy a lipstick, so I decided to make own! And that’s not all! I watched some makeup tutorials and they used contour kit. I don’t have that so why not made some haha
All of you have this ingredients at home!


For lipstick:
Face foundation
Some eyeshadow that you don’t use
Olive oil (or coconut oil) ( 1 spoon)
Plastic container

I scraped purple and blue eyeshadow (improvisation!), putted some foundation and a little bit of olive oil, mixed it all. Than I putted it in fridge.



For contour powder:
Olive oil ( 1 spoons )
Cinnamon ( half of spoon)
Cocoa ( 2 and a half of spoons, maybe a little bit more if you need)
Plastic container

Just mix it all up, let it be thick! Put in fridge 🙂



Little bit messy, but it is a cocoa so haha
At the end it look like this!
For contouring your face use the fingers because you will applay it better!


Thanks for reading, if you make some tell me how it is!
For me it works great!



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