How to make face and lip scrub

Hi my lovely blogger gals β™₯
Today I will write about: how to make your own face and lip scrub! It’s very easy and it really helps, I do it twice a week.
Everything you need is in your kitchen πŸ™‚
For the face scrub:
-corn flour
-yoghurt or
-olive oil


Mix the ingredients together and voila! Haha rub it on your face, then wash it in warm water. My grandma used to do that…and that is Croatian recepi for the face scrub, THE BEST!
(for all types of skin)

Now, the lip scrub!
You need:
-white sugar
-little bit of water
-olive oil


Put sugar on palm of your hand, add a little bit of water and olive oil, mix it up…dab a finger in it and rub it on your lips, leave it like that for 5 minutes and wash it in warm water. Simple as that! Of cours in the end put on your favorite lip balm!

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