Cheap makeup! LACURA MAKEUP 💄

So today I went grocery shoping with my boyfriend….becaus it’s that time in month 😦 I wanted canddddys!
But I saw some cheap makeup, and I needed liquid powder! So I bought this:




I bought dark shade, 40 bronze, and it looked good on my hand but when I applyed it on my face, OMG, I was orange! But…It gives quite full coverage, not natural looking coverage either, very “painted” look.
So I mixed it with my light foundation and it looked great, just the color I wanted!

Any Tips?: 
Might not suit oily skinned people, however your primer and powder might compensate for this.

Price: 2,50€ (very cheap)
I only recomend this by mixing it with your foundation!

The result:



Me before applying it:


I hope I helped!


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