Perfect Valentines day EYE LOOK 💏

Hi my friendly beauty bloggers 🙂
Searching the blog, liking your posts, I saw so many posts about valentine looks so I decided to do one to! Haha
Using my favorite makeup products:


As you all know, you have to prime your eyelids so your eyeshadow can stay as long as posible!
I prime them with this product:


The best primer I ever used (I have oily eyelids)
For the base I used color number 1 and for the inner corner of my eye I used color number 2 :


In my crease I used this light pink beautiful color number 3 and on my outter v I used little bit darker color number 4:


Other products that I used:


Bourjuis black eyeliner


Manhattan supreme lash            mascara


Eyebrow pencil from essence

The result:




If you are single, rename the valentines day as YOUR DAY! Treat your self as a princess! You deserved it! Love you all!!! 💋💋

Have a nice day



  1. Hi,
    Congratulations on starting your blog just a month ago. I help new bloggers at my site.
    I met you at Danny Ray’s Meet and Greet. Maybe you will check out my site if you could use a blogging tip or two. That’s what I blog about. I am also having my own blog party this weekend. I would love it if you came.

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