HAPPY ONE EXTRA DAY! TODAY IS 29.02.2016. and ofc happy birthday to everyone who have it today!
There is to much on my minde 😦
But I wanted to share with you my daily routine, MY DAILY SKINCARE 🙂 I HAVE OILY SKIN so maybe I’ll help you to get rid of exces oil as this products helped me!

You need to get rid of any remainings of makeup on your skin after long day! For that I use:
CIEN CLEAR NOURISHING FACIAL TONER: it removes any remaining makeup off my skin. This nourishes and moisturies my skin. You can remove your eye makeup, it’s very sensitive on your eyes and it’s very easy to use!


Next, I need to wash it my face cleans it, for that I use:
EFFACLAR PURIFYING FOAMING GEL FOR OILY SENSITIVE SKIN: This product did a great job of cleansing my face of all excess oils and dirt. It’s soap free and pH-balanced. You only need a pea sized amount and it’s lovely and foamy!


Once a week I put on a mask-PAYOT PARIS MASQUE CLARIFIANT: very good deep cleasing mask. I hold it on my face for 15-20 minutes. The skin is smooth and clear!


And after the mask I moisturise my face with:
NATIO DAILY PROTECTION FACE MOISTURISER SPF 15: It’s for all skin types. It has lavendar in it to help soften and repair, ylang ylang and orange to calm and refres!


That’s it for me today! If you have some product for oily skin that really helps, please share with me in comment 🙂
I needed to use pics from internet because my phone camere doesn’t work ;((
Love you all ♥💋
Like like LIKEEE hhh 😀 😛



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