Okey, my boyfriend is back and I couldn’t be more happier!!! I missed him so much! We decided to go out in town and have some fun. Drink coffe, eat something and just walk and enjoy! So I wanted to look nice but casual πŸ™‚

For my makeup I went for simple look. I did some foundation, mascara and brows! Here is little trick I learned on youtube (brows)…I took my brush that I use for my brows, in a empty bottle I pore some water and sprayed it on my brush, then I dabed it in brown eyeshadow and I draw my eyebrows! It looks like I did them with gel and it looks great!!!


I bought nails for 1 €! Looking awesome!


And my outfit…



My boyfriend…


There it is. I will be posting more ootd and motd. If you want to read something different, comment! Because I made this blog for you guys! So you can read something that you like, love! Thank you for following me. Love you all πŸ™‚



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