Lovely day and MOTD

Finaly sun, it’s warmer and it’s time to shine. I’m gonna show you my MOTD!
Lets start with foundation. I’m using different kind of liquid powder shades (from lighter shade to darker and I mix it up) , I look more natural on the sun and it covers my insecurities on my face, pimples.
Then eyebrows! I use a spray bottle filled with water, eyebrow pencil, brush and brown eyeshadow.



First I line my brows with light shade of eyebrow pencil, then I brush them. Second, I spray my eyebrow brush with water and I dab it in the brown eyeshadow and I fill my brows. This way they look so good. The angle and the end of brows are darker!! Keep that in mind.
I mixed some colors from light purple, orange to brown (the brown is in outter corners) and ofc eyeliner. I didn’t use brush for that, I used my fingers.



In the end I did my lips. Baby pink lipstick and I dabbed some baby powder to matt it! Matt all over! Love love LOVE!



Here ya go. I hope you liked it, and that I gave you some ideas 🙂




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