Spring nail polish colors, review


Let’s talk about nail polish colors. My favorite colors are pink and blue! But for spring I like to wear also a mint color.

So my mother bought me these pink and blue polish from H&M and the mint polish I got from my boyfriend! I really don’t know the price but I think they were cheap.

H&M nail polish is great.The pink one is ‘check me out‘ and the blue one is ‘peppermint fusion‘. I love it. The formula is smooth and nice and the brushes are thick and flat which I love because it covers my whole nail. I have to put 2 coats to get full color. They are super opaque and they stay on my nail for 3-4 days. I recommend it.


The mint one is from some cheap store. I only know the maker is: yimei cosmetics.

I really love the color and 2 coats are needed. The brush is big, wide. It also covers my whole Β nail in one move. But it only stays on my nail one day! But the good thing is that I’m not a nail nerd! I will buy every color I like even if it stays half of the day.


What is your favorite nail polish andΒ colorΒ ?

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚







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