Spring OOTD

What a lovely day! I just want to enjoy and have some fun, walking and talking, not staying in the house. Here is an OOTD for you, casual but girly:




  • T-shirt: bershka
  • Boyfriend jeans: bershka
  • Glittery shoes: mass
  • Bag: max mara (I like it because it’s see-through and fun to carry it. I can always find, in that bag, what I need)

And this is my dog, Luna, golden retriever, and she’s 13 years old!! I needed to splash some water on her because it was so hot.


Those who are reading my blog know that I have trouble with acne. I was watching today video from my favorite beauty blogger, Michelle Phan! I just love her, she is funny and she knows what she’s doing! I learned a lot from her. But the point is that on the video she is talking with dermatologist. You just need to watch the videoΒ hereΒ . It’s very informative. Maybe you will found out what is causing your acne to break out! I found him on instagram and I saw the result from some girls that tagged him. Amazing!! They make cream just for your skin. I want to order a product but I’m already using one so I will have to wait.


Thank you for reading.







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