Spring favorites, review

I took some pictures with my camera today that I wanted to share, my favorite products for Spring makeup.

So let’s begin!



My favorite makeup palette for Spring! Lot’s of colors, they are very pigmented. I just love them. With this palette I made a wedding makeover for my sister.




It costs 17$ on ebay. I can say very cheap. 3 palettes for 17$!! And they are magnificent!!



  • NUXE prodigieuse OR: The product looks beautiful in bottle. I couldn’t wait to put it on! It’s so so glittery. It doesn’t smell nice (like a perfume), but it vaporize soon. It looks so nice when you go out at night or on the sun. Especially when you apply it on your chest!
  • CHANEL perfection lumiere: I love the texture, not to creamy. It looks more natural on my face, and thank God they have more darker shades (here in my city it’s hard to find dark shades of liquid powder!) It’s moisturizing and matt at the end! Coverage is good and it smell is divine. A fairly natural look! I recommend it 🙂
  • AVON makeup setting spray: okey, when I use it on my face is never oily. I can put my makeup on, sett it and train with it and it will stay on! All day! It’s like a magic. I use it especially on hot days.



Lipstick palette, 15 different colors. This palette costs like 3 $ on e bay. And I can say they stay on my lips whole day, without matting them with powder!! I can drink, eat, smoke etc. they will stay on!

Thank you for reading 🙂

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Love you all!






  1. For someone who is just starting out -I mean zero knowledge of blending etc 😳what palette would you recommend that would be easiest to work with ? I have been contemplating the naked Pallette because there are so many tutorials on YouTube about it and I figured I could watch those and try and follow along .
    Thanks 😘


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