Flawless pink makeup

Today was a bit boring so as my niece was with me I asked here: can I do your makeup? She was so excited. She is young  so I don’t want to expose her on the internet (you all know why). That’s why you will only see her eyes and lip makeup. 

She is a dancer and she is pretty good at it! And I thought this is pretty girly  makeup that really suits her when she is on some contest.

I think I’m getting pretty good at doing someones makeup, maybe I will start doing it more often. I just need to practice a little bit more.

So let’s start!

When we are talking about girly makeup I’m sure that the pink is the color that first pops on your mind. Am I wright?

Here are the products that I used:

Products for girly look

The fabian palette is the one I made for lips.

And here is the look:

Girly look 2

First I used light shade of pink to cover the whole lid. Then on the outer corner of the lid I used darker shade of pink (my beauty palette, the middle one), on the inner corner is used a mix of bronze and pink and in the middle I used beige glittery shade and I blended everything.

Don’t mind here eyebrows, she is to young to pluck them! 

She was so happy that I did here makeup, and I was happy to 🙂

Thank you for reading. Have a awesome weekend!

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