A little bit of everything!

Hello my dear followers. Long time no see 😦 That’s because I have so much to do. Working and college. I’m working as a trainer for kids (football), conditional training ofc and I’m helping my sister, she is accountant. I have so much exams this month I am already tired 😦

But let’s talk about beauty!!! I missed you guys so much, sharing stuff with you etc. so I took some pics of my makeup so I can show you how much I learned.


This look I did with my favorite glitter makeup palette:


And my favorite brushes :


I talked about them in my previous post.

Since yesterday was a football match between CROATIA-Czech Republic I did a look that will suit the moment πŸ˜€ btw I have no comments on hooligans, they destroyed everything. We are all ashamed because of them, but I’m proud on my team. They played with heart and soul!

I have goofy boyfriend!! And I love him ❀

And here is another look I did just for fun and to practice:

Guess which palette did I used haha and why is my nose so weird hahah I love my camera πŸ˜€

I started to use ice under my eyes and on my cheeks before I apply makeup and also I always moisturize my skin before it. After that my skin is much more softer and it glows.

Thank you for reading!

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Love you all,






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