How to be a better beauty blogger?


You have to be what you are, talk about what you love, what you adore. That’s the main point why you’re blogging.


Make a plan for your blog. Ask your self: what do you want to achieve with your blog? About what do you want to talk about? List every important thing from the biggest to the smallest detail!


Okey, I really hate when someone doesn’t reply on my comment for days and days…you need to communicate with your readers to gain more and more followers. I always reply on my comments. It’s not hard to type THANK YOU! I love when someone comments on my post. That shows me that they read it. The comments are giving me more motivation. You have to build relationship with fellow bloggers.


Networking is so important and it’s the main way to gain followers and readers. I have TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM . It helped me a lot. Some of people are not that lazy and they are clicking on my link in my bio. You know why? Because I asked them. I asked them with my pictures, words, tags etc.


For me they are. Why? Because you show your readers about what you are talking about. I don’t use Iphone or a professional camera, I use android phone or my old camera and the pictures are still nice. I want to show my readers that I care, I want my posts to not be boring. I think everything is in visualization. They need to see you and the product that you are talking about. PICTURES ARE IMPORTANT!


Pick a theme that suits you the most. Make your posts more colorful and fun to read.


I think here on wordpress people are so nice and supportive. That’s what I like about blogging.

These 6 steps are my opinion, what I do to attract more people to my blog.

And guys I need to tell you something. I talked to my sisters today about doing makeup on other people since I got better in it. But this is just an idea. I hope everything will come in place. They are full supportive. And I hope I will get some feedback on my makeup from you guys, your opinion. It would mean a lot to me!

Thank you so much. I love you all!

This is me writing this post and studying at the same time…







  1. You have beautiful and creative posts.❤

    P.S I have started with blogging 3 days ago, and every day I post something…and I invest a lot of effort, but anybody does not comment my posts and I do not know is it okay, but I want too much to be good blogger🙈and my dream is to have more followers and l positiv comments. Want make fun people, but I do not how to become more popular to have more followers,.. I feel that I write and I try in vain and I do not want this feeling.😢😢😢😢💜heelp me


    1. You have only just started! Don’t worry. Just write and write, when posting use tags, pictures…when I started no one liked my posts, but when I started using tags like #beauty, #beautyblogger #makeup etc. That helped me a lot and ofc my instagram and twitter! Keep up the good work ❤❤😚✌🙈

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