Eye makeup-SUNRISE

Hello my lovely readers. Thank you for stopping by.

Today I will tell you how I did this beautiful eye look for summer, day and night look :).

I called it: SUNRISE

First, here is the look:


Those who read my blog I think you know which palette I used haha.

Of course this one:



The pigmentation is to die for, the glitter in them is beautiful. The color of my eye gets more attention, the eye is bigger. This is not a heavy makeup and it’s beautiful!

So what I did first is priming my eyes. I don’t have the primer but I use lighter shade of liquid powder and the stone powder. It looks good. I get the full color of my shade.

New thing that I learned to do is BLENDING. Girls just blend, blend,blend! I took a little bit of orange/bronze shade on my blending brush and I blended it in the eye crease, circular motion. Then I took bit by bit of the same shade and I started to build the color in my crease and blending it out to the outter corner of the eye. After that I took nude shade and dabbed it in the middle of my lid and added a little bit of yellow glittery shade over it. To open up my eyes I took the white glittery shade with the light blue reflection and dabbed it in the inner corner of my eye and it’s beautiful 😀 Then I wanted to darken my outter corner and I took a little bit of brown shade and blended it in the crease.

My little secret, I always use tape when I’m doing my eyes and wing eye. And keep this in mind: always do your eyes first, then apply your foundation because of the fall offs from your eye shadow.

I love you all and I hope I gave you an idea for your night out.

Kisses and hugs!





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