Makeup haul 😍

Since I was working and working, earning money I had to buy some beauty products ofc! I bought a lot of stuff but I will show you some of it becoz I didn’t like some pictures of the products and I wanted to write post wright now haha. So let’s start: 

Okey, ESSENCE! Mascara is awesome, my lashes are so big and beautiful just the way I like it. I used it before and I will use it in future becoz it’s cheap and great, only 3€! 

Glitter eyeliner is beautiful, I use it over black eyeliner and in the inner corners of my eye lid. It’s cheap ofc 3€. 

Blush is amaizing, pigmentation is soo beautiful, you just need two three strikes, left right left right and girl your cheak is on point! 2,5€  

Cover stick, mmmm awesome. I use it before my foundation, beautiful coveradge, by by dark circles. 3€ 

This lipstick is sooo beautiful, purple is my favorite color. Pigmentation is good but it doesn’t stay too long. But I still love it haha. 2€ 

I never used fake eyelashes but these one, pfff, love them. First I didn’t know how to apply them hahah but when I practiced a little bit I applyed them with my fingers. My eyes just poped, wow! So big and beautiful! 

I bought a lot of stuff! I will wright about it next time. 

Thank you for reading! 




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