My love story

Today I wanted to write something different…my love story.

What is love for me? love is craving for a specific person,love is when you do crazy stuff with that person, strange stuff and you like it. Love is when you can be what you are infront of that person. Love is that specific person that adores you just the way you are. Love is a strong desire for emotional union with another person. Love is love.

I wrote about my boyfriend and he is everything to me. He is my moon and the sun, he is my universe.

How did we met? We met on the beach Bacvice. It was sunny day, I was with my friends having fun, swimming…and then someone called my friend and asked where he is, and that he wanted to come. I saw someone approaching us, and then he stoped and stared at me. I didn’t know why haha I will tell you soon. We talked and talked and the he asked my friends if we want to go drink something. Ofc I said yes. And then I pushed him in the sea haha That night we met, all of us but then everyone went somewhere and left us alone. haha strange huh? We started talking about everything, problems, familiy stuff…he opened to me and I to him. Then he kissed me in the cheek and I said, ONLY THERE? And he kissed me on the lips. It was beautiful. That day was 12.06.2012. since then we are together. Three months later we were drinking coffe, and his friend came to us to say hi and asked him…is this the girl we were searching all over the town…I was like so angry like WHO DID HE SEARCHED??…

Well, he was searching for me. I was at the same caffe one month before we officialy met. He wanted to buy me a rose but I left with my friends. He was searching all around for me but at the end when he saw me I was in the bus going home. Thats why when he saw me on the beach he was staring. He said that he lost his hope that he will ever see me again. But at the end he found me.

Don’t lose your hope. You will get your 5 minutes. Love is all around us.
Love you all! 





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