Day look made with cheap makeup! (ESSENCE)


How are you all? 

I’m so happy becoz today I’m official on third year of colledge!! Wuhuu!

Now I’m gonna show you what products did I use on my day look, very cheap, afordable. Why? Ever since I started to watch youtube tutorials everyone used expencive products for this and that, and when I wanted to try that look it didn’t look that good becouz I used one brush, my fingers, cheap lipstick and one eyeshadow haha I know that today lot of people can’t afford expencive makeup, let’s start with me. I love makeup but if something costs that much it doesn’t mean it is that good and I don’t want to give 15€ on MAC lipstick (I know it’s good but…) when I know there is much cheaper lipstick and as good as MAC lipstick is. You only pay the brand not the quality!! 

This is the day look (casual): 

And these are the products that I used:

And this is the swatch for the  essence face luminizer that I adore!!!! 

Mascara: 2,5€ 

Corrector: 3 €

Eyebrow pencil: 3€

Lip pencil: 1,5 € (I use it like a lipstick, it stays longer) 

Mousse powder: 4 €

Face luminizer: 4 €

Now you count! Haha 

Thank you for reading. 

Love you all! 



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