Eyelash extension and much more! 

Okey, let me just say I am getting better at doing my own makeup and on somebody else! I know there are so many muas, beauty bloggers and youtubers but that is my dream to. I love to do that, making someones day even better by just doing there makeup. I don’t have that much money to buy expensive makeup products but I can do my makeup with essence or revolution and it is as good as with expensive makeup. 

Here is an idea of night look made with revolution flawless eye palette: 

This shades really suits my eye color.

As the post said eyelash extension, I finally did it. My sister just started doing it in her salon and you can say I was her test subject haha but it looks beautiful. My day look looks amazing now, only liquid powder, blush, did my eyebrows and highlight ofc! Cute! 

And when I’m removing my makeup, doing my night routin, I’m done faster than ever. No more black ninja scare crow face after removing mascara haha. 

You have to be careful with eyelashes, when they are wet don’t brush them. After washing your face your eyelids have to be dry. And don’t rub your eyes!!! 

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Love you all! 

PS. Tell me what you think about eyelashe extension 😘



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