What is on my mind?/ Balea masks review

Hey guys…there is a lot on my mind. I want to write but I can’t, my mind is blocked. You guys know I love makeup but I need money to do review, everyone does. Someone has everything, someone something and someone nothing. We can say If we had money we will still buy cheap makeup and cheap clothes but that’s not true. We would buy high end makeup becoz it is better (some of them). If someone says it is good on instagram, youtube we will buy it but the truth is it’s not that good. They are payed for saying that that product is so good it will blow your mind. Some of them are but some of them are so not. Be honest, say: fuck the money, I will not lie my followers! It doesn’t work. 

I want to have my youtube channel but I don’t have camera, lights…and courage. I can’t wait to finish college to start working. Now I just don’t have time :(. 

Enough about all this. 

Let’s talk about beauty and makeup haha! What aboud BALEA face masks, drugstore beauty product that really blowed my mind. It’s only 1€ and it leaves your skin smooth and clean. You have pelings, peel off masks, hydration masks…that mask that everyone is using on instagram, paper one, I tried it. OMG, my skin has never been so soft, just like baby skin! And it only costs 1€! 

This was my first time for putting it on so I didn’t know how to put it right but it worked haha.I wore it for 20 minutes, then I rubbed the liquid into myface, I gave my self a massage. You need it! 

Vital mask is not for my skin, but It helped and other one worked perfect. I wore it like a mask until it tighted and then I rubbed it in my face just like piling. All my dead skin came off, my face was smooth and soft and it smelled good! You can use it before putting your makeup becoz you foundation will look flawless on you after this mask/piling. 

And I want to share some outfits with you :D. 

I love every single one of you who keeps following me, thank you so much! That means a lot!! 🙂 
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