Hey guys! I wasn’t able to blog these days because of my school and job and I was so tired. Btw last week was my birthday!! 21st!!!!! I wanted to show you what I got and it’s awesome. I didn’t want to write about it and lie to you when I didn’t tried it, so I waited to see will my skin react to this makeup etc. Let’s begin šŸ˜€Ā 


  1. BH COSMETICS 10 PIECE ECO BRUSH: they are made with all natural materials with bamboo handles. They are so soft, fluffy and it’s easy to apply makeup with them. Brush set includes: powder brush, angled blush brush, foundation brush, blending brush, contour brush, smudge brush, flat shadow brush, angled shadow brush, flat eyeliner brush and lip or concealer brush. (30$)


2. ESSENCE ALL ABOUT MATT ( OIL FREE MAKEUP): so I really like this product because it’s so creamy and it blends so well. It’s good for my skin because I have oily skin and when I put this foundation on I don’t look like and oily, shiny light bulb!!


3. ESSENCE SOFT TOUCH MOUSSE MAKEUP: ok, this foundation is EVERYTHING! When I applied it I asked my mom did I blended it well and she said ‘it looks like you don’t have nothing on your face and it covered your face so good’. It’s so soft and flattering. I mix it with a foundation that I wrote about above. It’s completely wightless and barely there.


4. ESSENCE EYEBROW STYLIST SET: stays on throughout all day. It’s very pigmented and blendable. I don’t use only powder. I spray my brush with water, dab in the color I want so it looks more like gel and it spreads all over my eyebrow. For me it looks better. I don’t like the package so I think I will move it in another case haha.


5. ESSENCE LIPLINER ( CUTE PINK AND SOFT BERRY): I love to apply them without any lipstick on because I love when it’s matt, and these colors made my lips look bigger and fuller. They are smooth and they have good staying power. They are really chep, 2 $.


6. REVOLUTION ULTRA CREAM CONTOUR: OMG! I used to contour my face with eyeshadow colors and bright foundation, but since I got this for my birthday I am addicted. I only use last one in first row ( glow glow glow, it’s awesome, it brightens up my face and it looks beautiful) and last 2 in second row ( dark one for contour my cheeks and light one for my dark circles). It’s so creamy and pigmented and It’s so blendeble I can blend it in 2 strokes. Ā I can create natural and dramatic look with it. And it’s so affordable (13$).

I really like my new makeup and I want to recommend it to everyone.

Thank you for reading.

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I love you all!

PS. pictures are all mine.




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